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Brasil Girl

"I'm not sure I understand?"

Kaho Shibuya And The Nipple (Mix)

I feel so Beasil for him that his last days will be spent knowing there's a pig in the White House who is none of these things. liberal with OUR money, conservative with THEIRS. Great Friday to you, Joe. It's a solid way to discourage good people from becoming involved in saving the country from the party of hate.

Not going down that direction, but since PP has become politically active and is donating money to candidates and causes, they should be disqualified from receiving federal funds because they have become a political organization.

Well, Nancy Pelosi and I agree on one thing. That's nothing more than a slap on the wrist with a wet noodle. Congrats to SVG the SC champion 2018. Steak and pasta, Argentinian style. " I hope I can last to see this scourge obliterated, as well as all the trash they support. What ive shared with you is not brought out by theologians.

Well, I'm heading to bed.

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People haven't came then I shall dominate this thread.
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5 for 5.
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Hear hear!
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Indeed he is.
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Idk how Offset do it
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I have a foot fetish
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Where did this crotch weasel come from?
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call me lala fool
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I recommend sleep in that case
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choco-moco chocolate
Brasil Girl

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